Instant Website Translator has been updated.

I’d like to take a quick moment to let everyone know that we’ve been working on the Instant Website Translator (IWT for short) in order to provide the best possible website translator service.  We’ve recently made changes to make the code distributed W3C Valid as well as added even more customization than previously allowed.

W3C Validation isn’t something many people are concerned with but we are, and the reason for that is simple by ensuring our code is valid we reduce the risk of having any problems with cross browser comparability   We know that it is important for our customers to be able to ensure their website remains just as beautiful and functional across browsers as it was before they added our code.

As to the extra customization, well we’ve gone ahead and added a feature to allow for custom CSS to be added on our end to affect the code on an individual element by element level.  If you’d rather take care of this on your end there is no problem as that is something now available with these changes we’ve made.

These are just the changes we have implemented thus far and will be rolling out soon.  We have much more updates along the way for our Instant Website Translator so make sure to check it out.

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Introducing our eBay Listing Translator

With the increase in worldwide online auctions here at WorldLingo we saw the need for localization within your online auction listings.  We’ve created a listings translator specifically for eBay as it is the largest online auction website there is out there today.  With our eBay Listing Translator we hope to provide a service that will allow you as the person posting your listings to not only offer your listing in your language of choice but also be able to offer translations of your listing in 15 different languages.  We hope that by making your eBay listings readable in 15 different languages you will open your listings up to more bidders who may have previously strayed away from your listing due to being unable to read it.

WorldLingo eBay Listing Translator Preview

WorldLingo eBay Listing Translator Preview

Now setting it up is fairly straight forward if you’ve ever posted a listing on eBay then you know all you need to know to get started.  Once you’ve created all we need is your listing item number and we’ll give you the code to add to your revised listing description.  While offering the ability to translate your listing we understand the need for security and as such all bidding/commenting interaction will be handled through the untranslated eBay listing.  This is to ensure no risk is taken by any party involved be it the lister, bidder, eBay or WorldLingo.  All of this for the low price of $2 for a lifetime license, in other words for $2 you can add our listing logo to any and all of your eBay listings.

We hope that you take advantage of our new eBay Listing Translator to further broaden your online auction market.  We would also love to here any kind of feedback you have about our eBay Listing Translator.

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Patent Translation Update

We’ve gone through another few batches of patents and added them to our Multilingual Archive’s Patent section.  We’ve added patent translations for 1978 to 1981 in French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Arabic.  We hope these translations will help serve you patent research as well provide a better understanding of U.S. Patents.

We’re still looking into other languages to offer translations of the U.S. Patents but for the time being we will be focusing on getting the patents translated into Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Arabic.  Keep in mind this isn’t a final decision, as things change I will be making updates to keep you informed.

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